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June 10, 2022

Lauren Hutton via Pinterest

Lauren Hutton embodies the spirit of the 1970s. One of Hollywood's most iconic faces, this lovely epitome of American style continues to enchant with her contagious smile and enthusiasm, which can be seen even in images. Of course, I don't know Lauren Hutton, nor will I ever have the opportunity to stand next to her at one of the events she still likes to attend, but if I meet her, I envision foolishly and ambitiously asking her how she managed to demonstrate with her self-confidence that the key to success lies in your attitude, not the opinion and expectations of others... Let this question, however, remain rhetorical because there is no universal solution. The answer is Lauren Hutton, actress, model, style icon, but also of energy, who proves that one should not become a victim of others' expectations.


Non-conformist and innocent enough not to be swallowed up by the dictates of Hollywood, an actress with a rebellious personality and beauty, Lauren Hutton is one of the highest-paid models in history. She would never have started that way if she didn't need money: If I hadn't been poor, I wouldn't have been a model, she said a long time ago in an interview for Town and Country, with the spontaneity of someone who, despite fame and money, was alien to the media circus. Indeed, she preferred to live in close contact with African tribes rather than glamour and catwalks. She is happy to state that she has only walked the red carpet once in her career.


Lauren via Pinterest

Mary Laurence Hutton was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1943. She grew up free of any stereotypes, mostly beneath the open sky, and, according to her, she was illiterate until the age of eleven. She went to the University of South Florida to study art after graduating high school. She soon relocated to New York with her boyfriend, DJ Pat Chambers. Her dream, though, was to travel to Africa. She revealed in a recent interview that she only had $200 in her wallet and, understanding that it would not be enough to change the continent, she decided to try modelling. She read in the Sunday New York Times that Christian Dior was looking for models. Lauren responded to that ad; she wasn't offered the job, but as she was leaving the casting, she exclaimed, "I'll work for anything!" and they hired her for $50 per week. It was the beginning of a myth: she is believed to have been the shortest of all the models, with a distinctive gap between her teeth and an array of other physical features uncharacteristic of a model. Many people in the fashion world advised Lauren to correct her teeth and get a nose job, but Lauren refused. She was correct because her face would soon dominate an infinite number of covers. Her smile and aura conquered the world.

Lauren on Vogue covers

After meeting Diane Vreeland, the iconic editor of Vogue, who needed only one look at Lauren to understand her strength, Lauren's career took off. Vreeland then told her, "You have a great presence"“Yes, ma'am”, Lauren responded, boldly and proudly, like she always has. After famed photographer Richard Avedon rejected her three times, Vreeland was the first to acknowledge her photogenic nature. Her often-unconventional beauty was quickly captured by the greats, beginning with Avedon (who later became famous for her photographs) and continuing with Irving Penn, Francesco Scavullo, and Henry Clarke. Lauren's spontaneity in front of the camera, as well as the joy she exudes, has earned her the title of supermodel. She has graced the cover of Vogue no less than 25 times (an absolute record). In 1973, she was also the first model to sign a six-figure deal with a cosmetics company, Revlon. Lauren Hutton suddenly earns $400,000, and she's just in her thirties! This was unthinkable in 1960s modelling.


Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo (1980)

Soon after, she chose to broaden her horizons and made her film debut in 1968 with Paper Lion. During the 1970s, she played a variety of roles and was the main character in most of the performances. Paul Schrader's 1980 film American Gigolo is the zenith of her career. Along with Richard Gere, who made Giorgio Armani famous with that film by wearing his suits with fluid cuts successfully, Lauren co-stars with Gere as Michelle Stratton, and the two lovers create a mysterious and sensual romance filled with charm. She performed in a number of films and television shows, but recently she stated in an interview that she opted to return to modelling since she couldn't imagine herself in the awful films in which she occasionally appeared. She returned to modelling in her forties, surprising many, but it was an expected and natural decision for her. She was strong and courageous, always honest and consistent with herself.

Indeed, her nonchalance, joie de vivre and winning spirit are reflected in her casual yet refined style, which is both comfortable and elegant. In truth, her appearance is unrelated to her age; she seems the same at 30, 60, and 70. Even though I try to avoid using the word "perfect," Lauren Hutton appears to me to perfectly as she balances a flawless elegance that has never taken itself too seriously, as elegance generally does. Lauren enjoys mixing men's and women's attire:  she appeared in suits and sneakers, as well as more feminine editions and long dresses (recall her editions on the way to Studio 54). Lauren Hutton has never been fashionable; she simply wears what she wants. If we were to look for her fashion philosophy, it would undoubtedly be: get to know yourself. She essentially stood and continues to stand on androgynous classics, which she wears with ease. Lauren Hutton is a successful blend of effortless style and Studio 54's quirky extravagance. And she demonstrated that it is energy that overcomes the artificial ideal of beauty.

Lauren via Pinterest
Lauren via Pinterest

Lauren Hutton will be 78 years old this year. A few months ago, she was featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar with a wide smile and recognisable effervescent energy. Lauren, a style legend who walks the runway in her seventies, with a smile and casualness that wins everyone over, while only – being herself.

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